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wind energy association served as the cutout between the green energy and jobs push and america for center progress. they used aol out of the white house to strike the deal with drug companies you give up 115 million in lobbying and ads for obamacare and you get 4 billion in the bill. you conduct that deal if you have to conduct it on your white house account not the aol account. the white house has a private server for discussions about u.n. programs subject to a lot of freedom of information act requests, including by me, they figured was a way to get around it and set up an elaborate process whereby they bring in private computers paid for by the taxpayer, access the government server that way, that destroys the document on the government's server with the only trace reese mange on privately owned, though taxpayer purchased computer, refusing us access to search claiming it's private property. this is government-wide and deliberate and often elaborate and sometimes criminal like the last thing i described. >> megyn: i've got to run, but i want to ask you, did they
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and energy to the motion picture, including actors, shares responsibility for the impressions the pictures makes. and he wants others from the academy to snub this as well. sony coming out and the president saying, i'm quoting here, we are outraged that any responsible member of the academy would use their voting status as a platform to advance their own political agenda. "zero dark thirty" as you know is nominated for five academy awards, but the director, that woman, katherine bigelow was not nominated and many industry insiders believe the controversy surrounding the movie and the torture scenes has hurt the odds of it actually taking home an academy award, but others point out, megyn, that in fact in hollywood sometimes a little bit of controversy can also generate a little bit of momentum. we have seen that many time before, but you're exactly right. it's the placing of those torture scenes in the movie and what they intimate that has so many people outraged over why they were in there in the first place. >> megyn: this kind of controversy leads to additional awards controversy over w
and alternative energy. if the president wants somebody to come and praise him look at how grand my ideas are, wouldn't be able to accomplish anything in life if it wasn't for my government and presidency to save them. she would have died of cancer, he would still be unemployed and he wouldn't have any wind power. that's not a little bit of narcissism from the president to have them come and tell him how great he is. i mean, what, also, on inauguration day, what are we telling the person people? you can't accomplish anything without the great barack obama giving you something that he thinks you need? come on. >> megyn: and the end of that narrative, you've heard about him before? >> no, i was taken by ben's approach here because i thought it was so over the top. i mean, the idea that government helps people, the government of the people, by the people, for the people, and the idea that government actually helps people, i think we should be saluting that. i don't have any problem with that. i don't think that these folks, ben, would think in line with what you just said that they wouldn't have
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)